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Annuity Specialist 

An Annuity Specialist - A person who has Extensive Experience and Expert knowledge in Immediate Income Annuities, Index Annuities, Deferred Guaranteed Fixed Rate Annuities and 2nd Market Fixed Term Annuities. The Specialist also has Extensive Experience in Advance Financial Planning and can ascertain which annuities can be structured into your overall portfolio.

 When you submit a quote/purchase request on this website you get impartial and expert recommendations that meet your objectives directly from an Independent Annuity Specialist. All of your communication will be directly with this Specialist.
All of these SERVICES are FREE! We will never charge you a fee! However, please respect our time and ONLY make requests if you're a serious BUYER interested in Buying your Annuities from one of the Highly Experienced Specialists that only we can introduce you to! The insurance companies pay for the Specialist services when your Annuity applications are placed with them through the Specialist that provided you the service. Quotes and Information are part of the Service.
Buy all of your Annuities Here!

JDS RECOMMENDS that you to 1st read this website to get educated in general on Fixed Annuities and select a type of Fixed Annuity that currently interests you most... then complete the Request form for that type of annuity.

Initial contact must be initiated by You Submitting a Request Form. Then on the Thank You page (Please wait for it & print it out) an Introduction and contact information to an Independent Specialist is provided.

Remember, sites that provide phone numbers are NOT calls directly to Specialists. They are calls to customer service sales people who may very well be in an entry level position or may be on the other side of the planet taking your call.

By completing a Request Form here you get an introduction to Highly Experienced Independent Professionals in the USA who you can talk to directly through out the entire process. Plus they can talk to you about any Financial Planning Topic.


Would you walk into a no frills clinic and have them do major by-pass heart surgery on you??? Of course you would not. Then why would you get help on major financial decisions and buy through these low level sales people at brokerage firms or bank branches when these sales people won't even be around in a couple of years??? How many so called advisors have you dealt with the last few years at these same firms??? They are NOT paid on how well they advise you and how you do with that advice... They are paid on how much they sell to you. They only last a few years because their firms believe that they are not selling enough investments to you or not enough of the investments those firms want their advisors to sell to you this year. That decision has nothing to do with how well the investments they sold to you in the past have performed.

You can count on a ChFC®'s expertise.

Your Chartered Financial Consultant® has completed the most extensive educational program required for any financial services credential. Each ChFC® has taken eight or more college-level courses on all aspects of financial planning from The American College, a non-profit educator with the highest level of academic accreditation.

The average study time for the program is over 400 hours, and advisors frequently spend years earning this coveted distinction. Each ChFC® must also complete a minimum of 30 hours of continuing education every two years and must meet extensive experience requirements to ensure that you get the professional financial advice you need.

You can count on a ChFC®'s integrity.

Advisors with the ChFC® designation are required to serve you with the highest level of professionalism. The authority to use the ChFC® mark is granted by the Certification Committee of the Board of Trustees of The American College, and that privilege is contingent on adherence to strict ethical guidelines. All ChFC® advisors are required to do the same for clients that they would do for themselves in similar circumstances, the standard of ethical behavior most beneficial for their clients.


In all my professional relationships, I pledge myself to the following rule of ethical conduct: I shall, in light of all conditions surrounding those I serve, which I shall make every conscientious effort to ascertain and understand, render that service which, in the same circumstances, I would apply to myself.

Take a Look at Interest Rate History all the way back to 1919 and compare in your mind where Rates were to Actual Events in History (Interest Rate Source the Federal Reserve):

Market Interest Rate History - 1919 to Present: Long Term Aaa & Baa rated Corporate Bonds. Proof that the BUBBLE in Interest Rates is now over. This bubble was caused by the U.S. Government's economic & tax policies of the mid 60's through 1981. The beginning of the end started in 1981 when a dramatic change in economic & tax policy occurred. This process of eliminating Inflationary Premiums in bond & debt pricing took about 23 Years to unwind. We are now back in the NORMAL HISTORICAL RANGE for Interest Rates where Aaa Corporate bonds Peak at around 5.50% (Pre 1968) and with Lows possible at Sub 3.00%. This Normal Historical Range will last for as long as the markets are confident that the # 1 Priority of the Federal Reserve is and will continue to be Low Inflation.

Sorry, the Federal Reserve changed the way they deliver the rates in May 2011. You can still get the Rates by clicking what you need above and then copy and paste the 2nd link that appears into your browser address bar. It is now in down load Excel form and not a web page.


USA Only

Contact: Please Complete Request for Contact Form. 

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