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Initial Contact: Please Complete this Form. As we don't staff a call center. 1st contact must be made by you completing any Annuity type form on this website. You will then receive my contact information. It's up to you to take the initiative to contact me.

All Submitted forms on this site go to ONLY ONE Credentialed Professional and he handles the Purchase one-on-one with you, as well as answers any questions that you may have about any type of annuity that this site discusses...
 a ChFC - Chartered Financial Consultant and a CLU with 24 Years of experience and 31 Years of financial product experience. Probably No other on the internet offering 2nd Market Annuities /annuities can make that claim.

Would you go to a Doctor for your medical condition that isn't Credentialed in his/her field? No way you would... Why would you for anything else???

If you're interested in anything we are discussing on this site and you want to Buy anything from our approved advisor... The ONLY way for you to make contact is by completing the full Request form for what you're most interested in. With most of the request forms you will INSANTLY receive the introduction contact information so then call and leave a message 24/7 and for others it will be within 24 hours on a business day.

Based in Monmouth County, NJ and doing busisness nationwide. Please remember we are in the eastern time zone when calling.

To Gain a Full Understanding of the Type of Annuities Available please 1st read each of these pages: Immediate Income Annuities, Index Annuities and Fixed Guaranteed Rate Annuities. Then to ask for a specific quote or request additional information please complete the form associated with the type of annuity you're interested in

For Specific Information and/or Quotes on Annuities, Please USE one of the Specific Forms on the Request Quotes Page
...***CLICK HERE***... 

If you have General Questions, please leave your name and contact information. Please Ask your Questions in the Section Below:

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Contact: Please Complete Request for Contact Form. 

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Rates on
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 in 2nd Mkt.
 Fixed Term

Most 4.00%
to 4.80% 

 and Future
Income Plans
Are Available
+ Lump-sums
for Laddering

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