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Immediate Income Annuity Quote Request 

10 Year (120 Month) Period Certain Immediate Income Annuity (Payments Start in 30 Days): Rated A- by AM Best
   Non-Qualified Funds for numbers Below – I Can also do IRA Rollovers for qualified money #’s same.

$2,000.00 per month {Yr.=$24,000.00}- Price $205,131.10– Total $240,000.00 – 85.4713% Tax Free

That is an interest Gain of $34,868.90 Over the 10 Years while spending down. This Can’t be Matched
in any other Completely Safe Vehicle with Guaranteed Monthly Payments.

$1,000.00 per month {Yr.=$12,000.00}- Price $102,565.55– Total $120,000.00 – 85.4713% Tax Free
$3,000.00 per month {Yr.=$36,000.00}- Price $307,696.65– Total $360,000.00 – 85.4713% Tax Free

$4,000.00 per month {Yr.=$48,000.00}- Price $410,262.20– Total $480,000.00 – 85.4713% Tax Free

$5,000.00 per month {Yr.=$60,000.00}- Price $512,827.75– Total $600,000.00 – 85.4713% Tax Free

This is by FAR the Highest Monthly Payout for the Dollars put in
on a 10 Year Period Certain Annuity that is on the Market Today!

Per $100,000 that is $974.99 per month for 120 months / 10 Years Certain

We Have Highest Payout for a 10 Year Period Certain and 15 Year Period Certain!
Per $400,000:
                       10 Year Period Certain $3,899.94 per month
                       12 Year Period Certain $3,349.30 per month
                       15 Year Period Certain $2,801.46 per month

Receive Guaranteed Monthly Income For Life or for a Period of Time!

We will QUOTE you a general Immediate Income Annuity payout option spread so that you can get an Idea of which payout option is ideal for your personal needs and objectives.

Please check your Email immediate after you Submit for the payout option spread.

We have access to all the Companies and do extensive Research to always have the best deal available on the market for those who decide to become a client of ours!

We work with Consumers ONLY (Those that actually make the Purchase)!

After you hit Submit... Please wait for the Thank You Page and then Check Your Email.

Immediate Income Annuity DESIGN:

Immediate Income Annuity Payout Options:
{Please Select the Options You Want Quoted}
Single Life Options: Payments on your Life and Guaranteed for as long as you live. Payment Ends at your death for Life Only. Life with X Years Certain adds a guarantee to payments and the remaining payments will be paid to named beneficiaries should you die shortly after purchase. Life with Installment Refund pays for as long as you live and if you die prior to recovering your initial investment: payments will continue to your beneficiaries as scheduled until this recovery occurs.
Joint and Survivor Life Options: Payments are Guaranteed for as long as you and your spouse live. Payments end at Second Death. Guarantees are similar to the single Life options described above. You may also choose an option with a reduction in payments at the first death.
Options NOT based on Life: Payments Guaranteed for a Certain Period of Time. Zero Dollars remains at end of this period. If needed ask and we can quote any year between 5 and 40 years.
Now that you selected a Payout option: You need to tells us the key's to determining what amount these payouts will be:
Enter Either: The Amount / Lump-Sum you will Deposit - Up to $2.50 Million (Higher Amounts must Call) and Monthly Payments Starting in 30 Days will be Quoted.
The Monthly Income you want to Receive and the Amount/Lump-Sum Required to obtain this Income will be Quoted. Then Enter -0- in Lump-Sum.
PLUS the
Please Select the ONE that best describes the Primary Source of Funds for this Income Annuity:
Annuitant Personal Information:
Spouse Information:
*Other Details:
Please Explain your Objectives in more Detail and Provide any other information you think I should know in order to show you the very best and most accurate Immediate Income Annuity Quotes on the market:
Contact Information:
* When Do You Intend to Buy this Immediate Annuity?
Please give your very best estimate as we will quote your age at the expected time of your purchase.
Important Information:
Where Do You INTEND to BUY this Immediate Income Annuity?
All information is required in order to provide you with accurate quotes/information and detailed brochures.
All information you provide will be kept confidential.
Name of Annuity Specialist and Phone number will display on the Thank You page.
* indicates a required field
Please fill this field.


USA Only

Contact: Please Complete Request for Contact Form. 

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