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Treasury Bond Yields
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Treasury Bond Yields:  Historical Yields can be located near the bottom of this page.

U.S. Treasuries:

Notes/                 Yields%
Bonds                  Today:           Closing Yields on Friday:

  8/28/18 12/31/16 12/31/15 12/31/13 12/31/12 12/31/09 12/31/08  6/12/07
3-Month 2.13 0.51 0.16 0.07 0.05 0.06 0.11 4.72


0.62 0.49 0.10 0.11 0.20 0.27 4.97
2-Year 2.67 1.20 1.06 0.38 0.25 1.14 0.76 5.08
3-Year 2.73 1.47 1.31 0.78 0.36 1.70 1.00 5.13
5-Year 2.77 1.93 1.76 1.75 0.72 2.69 1.55 5.18
10-Year 2.88 2.45 2.27 3.04 1.78 3.85 2.25 5.26
30-Year 3.03 3.06 3.01 3.96 2.95 4.63 2.69 5.35
 10 Yr Annuity 3.70  2.80 3.60  

5 Yr. Annuity 3.10%

10 Year (120 Month) Period Certain Immediate Income Annuity (Payments Start in 30 Days): Rated A- by AM Best
   Non-Qualified Funds for numbers Below – I Can also do IRA Rollovers for qualified money #’s same.

$2,000.00 per month {Yr.=$24,000.00}- Price $205,131.10– Total $240,000.00 – 85.4713% Tax Free

That is an interest Gain of $34,868.90 Over the 10 Years while spending down. This Can’t be Matched
in any other Completely Safe Vehicle with Guaranteed Monthly Payments.

$1,000.00 per month {Yr.=$12,000.00}- Price $102,565.55– Total $120,000.00 – 85.4713% Tax Free
$3,000.00 per month {Yr.=$36,000.00}- Price $307,696.65– Total $360,000.00 – 85.4713% Tax Free

$4,000.00 per month {Yr.=$48,000.00}- Price $410,262.20– Total $480,000.00 – 85.4713% Tax Free

$5,000.00 per month {Yr.=$60,000.00}- Price $512,827.75– Total $600,000.00 – 85.4713% Tax Free

This is by FAR the Highest Monthly Payout for the Dollars put in
on a 10 Year Period Certain Annuity that is on the Market Today!

Per $100,000 that is $974.99 per month for 120 months / 10 Years Certain

We Have Highest Payout for a 10 Year Period Certain and 15 Year Period Certain!
Per $400,000:
                       10 Year Period Certain $3,899.94 per month
                       12 Year Period Certain $3,349.30 per month
                       15 Year Period Certain $2,801.46 per month

(Today's Yields may only be adjusted once per day and may not have been adjusted yet today. The source of the yields above are from sources believed to be reliable which includes Federal Reserve historical data and are only to be used for the purpose described on this page and for basic informational purposes.)

1-Month  0.02-----

Lowest  5 Year on Record: 0.55% - 7/23/2012 - Previous lows 6/01/2012, 2/03/2012, 9/22/2011, 8/19/2011, 11/04/2010, 12/18/2008

Lowest 10 Year on Record: 1.41% - 7/23/2012 - Previous lows, 6/01/2012, 9/22/2011, 9/9/2011, 9/02/2011, 8/19/2011 & 12/18/2008

Lowest 30 Year on Record: 2.46% - 7/25/2012 - Previous low 12/18/2008

What does this have to do with Annuities?

The direction of these Yields (NOT the Actual Yield) are an indicator of the direction of Annuity Interest Rates and Annuity Payout Rates. Also to some extent they have a minor effect on Index Annuities. (See an expanded explanation below).

The Key Yield to watch is the 10 Year Treasury under normal market conditions.


Easily Beat Treasury Yields with these safe vehicles:

2018 - Some of our Available Offers!    

WELL ABOVE MARKET OFFERINGS for similar term payment streams...


+ See main 2nd market page!


Something to think about…

This number needs to be refined but a simple calculation shows that for every 100 basis point (1.00%) increase across the board in market interest rates… has the potential of costing US Tax Payers an additional $166 Billion more per year. All of that, as things stand today March 2013, will go right into the deficit total and be financed by the issuance of more US Treasury Debt. This chain of events acts as a snowball effect to make the already unsustainable US Government Commitments that much more unsustainable. If interest rise by 300 basis points (3.00%) across the board that makes the number $496 Billion. As the $16.7 Trillion in total US Treasury Debt rises to $33.4 Trillion along with the 300 basis points (3.00%) increase in interest rates that would cost US Tax Payers an additional $992 Billion per year. All of this additional cost would be from ONLY rising interest rates as things stand today. The US Budget Deficit at the moment is at about $1 Trillion per year over the last 4 years and projected to continue that way for years if nothing changes. All of that financed by issuing more debt.

Now just imagine if market interest rates were 300 basis points (3.00%) higher over the last 4 years… what would the budget deficit and total US Treasury debt be as of today?

Just something to think about.



Are you looking to earn Yields/Rates as High as 5.00%? Most in the 4.00% to 4.80% range. Then take a look at 2nd Market Fixed Term Annuities as an alternative (Click Here To Get Educated on them and to instantly gain access to Today's Deal Listing).

Compare to other Current Market Yields/
Interest Rates as of 9-08-2017:

30 Year Treasury: ..... 2.67%
20 Year Treasury:...... 2.41%
10 Year Treasury:...... 2.06%
5 Year Treasury:....... 1.64%
10 Year Annuity: ....... 3.20%
- Rate Guaranteed for 10 Years - B++ Rated Co.
 9 Year Annuity:........  3.10% - Rate Guaranteed for 9 Years B++ Rated Co.
 8 Year Annuity:........  3.00% - Rate Guaranteed for 8 Years B++ Rated Co.

 7 Year Annuity:........  2.90% - Rate Guaranteed for 7 Years B++ Rated Co.
 6 Year Annuity:........ 
2.70% - Rate Guaranteed for 6 Years  B++ Rated Co.
 5 Year Annuity:........ 
2.60% - Rate Guaranteed for 5 Years  B++ Rated Co.
 4 Year Annuity:........  2.35% - Rate Guaranteed for 4 Years -  B++ Rated Co.
 3 Year Annuity:........  2.10% - Rate Guaranteed for 3 Years -  B++ Rated Co.

Corporate:..................  3.61% - 20 Year+ to 30 Year Maturities AAA Rated
Municipal Bond:........  2.70% - 20 Year+ to 30 Year Term Maturities AAA Rated
Mortgages Convent.......  3.78% - Contract Interest Rates Avg. for 30 Year Fixed

Normal Market:
For Example: If the Insurance Company last changed Rates 3 weeks ago when the 10 Year Yield was at 3.31% and the 10 Year Yield today is 3.07%, a change of 24 Basis Points or a 0.24% change lower, then you should expect a Decrease in Immediate / Income Annuity Payouts and a Reduction in Deferred Annuity Interest Rates at some point in immediate future if this lower rate level holds. The amount of the Annuity change may be higher or lower than this Treasury Rate change because the Annuity Rates are NOT based on the Actual Treasury Rates. The opposite is true for Increases in Yields. Most insurance companies will adjust all their annuities with a 1 to 3 week time lag following a change in Yields and most of the time with limited notice.

This is NOT and Has NOT been a normal market.

Remember, this is ONLY a Directional Indicator and based on our experience a prolonged move of at least + or - 0.20 may trigger an adjustment in Annuity Rates and Annuity Payouts. The exact time of the change is hard to predict.



Market Interest Rate History - 1919 to Present: Long Term Aaa & Baa rated Corporate Bonds. Proof that the BUBBLE in Interest Rates is now over. This bubble was caused by the U.S. Government's economic & tax policies of the mid 60's through 1981. The beginning of the end started in 1981 when a dramatic change in economic & tax policy occurred. This process of eliminating Inflationary Premiums in bond & debt pricing took about 23 Years to unwind. We are now back in the NORMAL HISTORICAL RANGE for Interest Rates where Aaa Corporate bonds Peak at around 5.50% (Pre 1968) and with Lows possible at Sub 3.00%. This Normal Historical Range will last for as long as the markets are confident that the # 1 Priority of the Federal Reserve is and will continue to be Low Inflation.

Sorry, the Federal Reserve changed the way they deliver the rates in May 2011. You can still get the Rates by clicking what you need above and then copy and paste the 2nd link that appears into your browser address bar. It is now in down load Excel form and not a web page.




USA Only

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